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So many struggle to get results following keto since there's SO MUCH bad info surrounding how to keto for optimal results! Those who struggle don't understand how to customize a keto plan to fit their unique body chemistry & lifestyle preferences.

And don't even get me started on those "keto support groups!" If you ask one question that doesn't align with the group's beliefs, instead of getting helpful advice - you get berated and abused!

Enter the Keto Challenge!

Join the 21 day keto challenge to learn how to customize a keto plan meant FOR YOU so you get lasting results. Jump off of the yo-yo diet rollercoaster, out of those bully keto groups & into the 21 Day Keto Challenge!

You'll learn how to make keto fit your lifestyle ... instead of struggling to follow a keto plan that isn't right for you. You'll love the support & guidance you receive during the Keto Challenge!

Previous challengers lost up to 20 pounds in 21 days! They also gained the freedom to live a lifestyle they love while losing weight & regaining their health.

Check out what some of our previous challengers had to say:

Nissa is an amazing coach - very responsive & answered all of our questions promptly. Every time someone asks a question, you get more insights with the answers Nissa provides.

Keto wasn't working for me in 2018. Now I understand the pitfalls keeping me out of ketosis. I can't wait for the next challenge to continue my journey!

Stacy S.

Karen Z.

I signed up for the keto challenge ... and the first week I was so surprised at what a wonderful community Nissa gathered. The support & encouragement, as well as the sharing of ideas in the support group, was incredible!

I may not have won the challenge, but the support & knowledge were priceless. I lost weight & gained several health benefits in just 21 days! I can't wait to sign up for the next challenge.

Here's what you'll get when you join the Keto Challenge:

- Personalized Macros ... this can make or break your plan!

- Coaching & Support ... an exclusive challenge community led by me to answer all of your questions about weight loss, keto, fasting, digestion & more!

- Easy Mix & Match Meal Plan ... customize an easy keto meal plan with meal options you'll actually crave.

- Daily Inspirational Emails ... learn & establish the healthy habits that will lead to lasting results!

- Keto Starter Kit ... everything you'll need to find ultimate success during the 21 Day Keto Challenge, including check sheets, work sheets & more.

- Plus Secret Challenge Bonuses...

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